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5 Clicks to DB2 Success!

January 17th, 2011 - by

In our latest DB2 Geeks podcast we chat to Scott Hayes, IBM Gold Consultant, CEO of DBI Software and fellow DB2 Geek!


In this episode Scott talks to us about the 5 clicks to success methodology and gives some tips on improving DB2 Performance without throwing money at new hardware!


Database Performance Challenges
Utilities are now running automatically.  Autonomic Tuning is making automatic changes to memory configurations.  Dynamic SQL has a mind of it’s own and is influenced by automatic statistics and dynamic memory configurations.  Generated BI queries add another dimension to optimisation.  If you thought Dynamic SQL provided performance predictability challenges, consider what happens when you need to analyse hundreds of statements – or in the case of SAP, thousands.  With so many wheels in motion, physical design problems and the consequences of dynamic changes become increasingly difficult to understand and rapidly address.  DBI provides the solution to these challenges.



DBI performance tuning and monitoring products for DB2 LUW – a solution overview.


Scott recommends watching – IBM DB2 LUW Index Design Best Practices and Case Studies – click here to watch


Click here to find out more about the DBI solutions and how Triton and DBI together can help your organisation.


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