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Favourite Topics – All things DB2 with a special love for DB2 Performance Tuning, DB2 11.1 LUW, DB2 12 z/OS, Flying Helicopters, Canoeing and Travel.

I’m Triton’s top DB2 Geek. Ask me anything DB2!

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Confession of the Month

Seek the Geek Episode 1

Published June 14th, 2011 - by

How will our DBA cope with Rogue SQL and Data Corruption? What will happen when the “BIG BOSS” DB2 Version Migration is deployed? Seek the Geek to find out! if you can’t see the video above please click here

To reorganise or not to reorganise

Published June 7th, 2011 - by

By Philip Carrington – Holiday Extras – A Triton Consulting Client   From my blog statistics I can see that a common question which leads people to my door is “db2 reorganisation required” or the equivalent. So here I am assuming that you have your Health Monitor service turned on and you have received Continue Reading

Confession of the Month

DB2 z/OS Quick Tuning Tip

Published May 27th, 2011 - by

Anyone who has spent any time tuning DB2 for z/OS applications will know how painful the occasional dataset open/close process can be – there’s even a specific accounting class 3 suspend counter for it. The problem is even worse when large numbers of datasets have to be opened or closed all at once, such as Continue Reading

Sathy’s SECADM Secrets

Published April 4th, 2011 - by

In the recent post – SECADM Musings, Iqbal discussed the RESTORE scenario in 9.7 where the privileges will be ‘lost’ when restoring the database to a different instance and a work around for the situation. There are other ways to tackle the same issue and here are two of them.   a) Consider that a Continue Reading

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