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Iqbal Goralwalla

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Head of DB2 Midrange and Managed Services

Favourite topics – DB2 LUW performance & performance tools, Remote DBA, Travels in Canada.
Our multi-lingual Head of DB2 midrange, Iqbal, has spent time working for IBM in their Toronto Labs. During his four years there he worked on several versions of DB2 UDB and published two IBM patents.

An experienced Information Management specialist, Iqbal has been involved in all aspects of relational databases including database architecture, strategy, design, modelling, development and administration. Iqbal heads up the Managed Services team who provide Remote DBA support. He also runs the DB2 Midrange consulting and education team and is also an active consultant and is engaged with customers for short, focussed assignments to help them will all DB2 issues.

Iqbal's Articles

SECADM musing

Published February 9th, 2011 - by

I had fun with the new SECADM authority introduced in DB2 9.7 recently. I wanted to restore a database on a test server from a backup of the production database taken on a production server. The production database DB2SEC had been created by the user DB2INST1 in the instance DB2INST1. The restore on the test Continue Reading

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