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Julian Stuhler

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Solutions Delivery Director, IBM Gold Consultant, IBM Champion and Former IDUG President

Favourite topics – DB2 11, SAP on DB2 z/OS, Flying & Home Automation

One of Triton’s founding Directors, Julian is a highly experienced DB2 consultant with over 30 years relational database experience working with a number of clients within the insurance, telecommunications, banking and manufacturing sectors. In that time he has gained a significant amount of practical knowledge in many aspects of IBM’s Analytics portfolio, including experience in application programming, database administration, technical architecture, performance tuning and systems programming. Julian is an IBM Gold Consultant, an IBM Champion and a frequent lecturer on DB2-related topics at international conferences such as IDUG.

In his rare moments of spare time Julian can be found working on home automation projects.

DB2 10 – Secrets of Scalability

Published December 16th, 2011 - by

Storage constraints remain the single biggest factor in limiting the scalability of a single DB2 system today. Each process that runs concurrently within that system requires some storage, so the more workload a given system is asked to handle, the higher the storage requirements. Other factors such as logging and internal latching also play a Continue Reading

Time Travelling with DB2 10 for z/OS

Published July 18th, 2011 - by

Most IT systems need to keep historical as well as current information. Previously, these kinds of requirements would have involved the DBA and application developers spending valuable time creating and testing the code and associated database design to support the historical perspective, while minimizing any performance impact. DB2 10 provides this functionality as part of Continue Reading

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