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DB2 z/OS Quick Tuning Tip

May 27th, 2011 - by

Anyone who has spent any time tuning DB2 for z/OS applications will know how painful the occasional dataset open/close process can be – there’s even a specific accounting class 3 suspend counter for it. The problem is even worse when large numbers of datasets have to be opened or closed all at once, such as during DB2 start or shutdown. Even more critical is during a system restart following a subsystem failure, when you need to get datasets opened as quickly as possible on order to get the system available again.


Good news for those of you on z/OS 1.12 or higher. That release introduces some enhancements to dataset allocation processing which DB2 can take advantage of with APAR PM17542 applied (fix available for V8 and V9, part of V10 base code). A PARMLIB update (or equivalent SETALLOC SYSTEM command) is all that is required for the new process to be enabled, which DB2 will exploit as soon as it is next started.



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