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Fascinating Acquisitions Surrounding IBM DB2

June 2nd, 2010 - by

In his latest article for Database Journal, Julian Stuhler writes about the fascinating acquisitions surrounding IBM DB2 that have been announced in the last few weeks.

xkoto & Teradata – Firstly, Teradata Corporation acquired Xkoto on 12th May 2010. Xkoto was the creator of some very interesting clustering technology dubbed GRIDSCALE, which was designed to improve database availability and scalability with minimal impact to the application. If that sounds familiar to you as an IBM DB2 person, you’ve probably been reading about IBM’s pureScale feature for the DB2 for LUW product, which is aimed pretty much at exactly the same market.

Sybase & SAP – On the same day SAP announced it’s intention to purchase Sybase.  The official SAP press release majors on the enhanced mobile and in-memory computing technologies that Sybase will bring to SAP, and this is indeed very much in line with SAP’s technical vision.

Join Julian as he speculates on the facts, rumors and implications of these acquisitions.  Click here to read the full article.


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