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February 2010 – Larry takes a swipe at DB2

February 8th, 2010 - by

Larry Ellison on DB2 “They can’t scale out, they can’t do cloud, they can’t do clusters, they can’t do any of this.”


IBM Response:

This statement has been false since the inception of DB2. DB2 Parallel Edition was brought to market in 1995, along with the capability to scale to a system of over a 100 Unix servers. DB2 for LUW scalability is proven in many of the world’s largest OLTP environments.


In fact, IBM believes that DB2 for LUW powers one of the largest OLTP system in the world, if not the largest ( As regards support for clusters, DB2 pureScale was introduced to market in 2009.  For a cluster of 64 nodes, DB2 pureScale maintains 95% efficiency. At 128 nodes, DB2 pureScale maintains 84% efficiency. This is important because if you are growing a cluster to handle bigger workloads, you want your hardware to be doing productive work, not handling system overhead. On the other hand, Oracle RAC [Real Application Clusters] has a 100 server limit. And to my knowledge, Oracle has yet to publishany efficiency numbers.


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