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Poughkeepsie is not only famous to geeks!

June 21st, 2012 - by

I hadn’t really realised that Poughkeepsie is not only famous (to geeks) for being the home of zSeries – along with fabrication in the wonderfully named Fishkill just back down the road – it probably exists mainly because of being the site of one of three bridges over the Hudson River. Even 80 miles inland this is an impressive bit of water. Recently, the old railway bridge renovation has been completed. Whilst no longer used by trains, people are free to walk or cycle across it – and this seems to be a popular evening hobby for the locals – so we joined in. The bridge is quite high up – taller that the road bridge nearby, so you get quite an impressive view. No pictures at the moment though as Windows is sulking about turning my iPhone pictures the right way up!


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