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Confession of the Month

From IBM Data Management Magazine

Published May 19th, 2010 - by

Distributed DBA: Changes to the Cursor Stability Isolation Level  Interesting article from Roger Sanders about the Currently Committed semantics introduced in DB2 9.7, and shows how these semantics provide faster data access and increased data concurrency for SQL statements running under the CS isolation level. Click here to view

DB2 LUW Security – DB2 Whisperings

Published January 27th, 2010 - by

DB2 Configuration Parameters – What They Whisper About Security Behind Your Back.   An article by Rebecca Bond.   I’ve always wondered what DB2 would say about security IF it could talk.  Maybe the conversation would be something like this…..   DBM DISCOVER:  “So, today she set me to DISABLE.   I know…I know…it’s for my Continue Reading

DB2 Gets More Bite With COBRA

Published January 20th, 2010 - by

IBM has been making huge technical strides with their flagship database, DB2, over the past few years. As expected, the recent launch of DB2 9.7 has not failed to impress, incorporating even more improvements. Click here to download the white paper. DB2 9.7, also known as the COBRA release, has made up significant ground on Continue Reading

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